1. The full version of the coffee smashing massacre on #starbucks pikes place. A piece for our friends at #regularcoffee

  2. A still from our ‘Coffee Smashing’ for our friends at @regularcoffeeco #regularcoffee - see our previously posted video for more details.

  3. Smashing some coffee on behalf of our friends at #regularcoffee. Have a coffee you dislike? Post of a video of you smashing it for some free coffee from REGULAR COFFEE. Here we are smashing some Pikes Places from #starbucks. 

  4. Happy 2nd birthday to this animal

  5. Smart guy - waiting at the fly trap for his food to come to him.

  6. Pre-order just weeks away! http://www.bit.ly/halfhatchet

  7. Making camp. Photo by @sarahelizabeth #latergram

  8. That’s right - we’re looking for some help from a Social Marketing Intern. Do you make the cut?

    You can find the details at http://www.bit.ly/victorintern or click the link in our profile. Intern must be located in the Grand Rapids/West Michigan metro area.

  9. Cooking up some chicky! Photo by @sarahelizabeth #latergram

  10. #Repost from @mitchmartens —- Thanks Victor for the awesome hat @victoraxeandtool #hat #waxed #axe